Vunong Dinette, Basco, Batanes

Location: Taytay Road, Kayhuvukan, Basco, Batanes, Philippines

Vunong Dinette is a restaurant that serves authentic Ivatan dishes.

Vunong is an Ivatan word.  It means food wrapped in kabaya (the leaf of a breadfruit tree) usually given to guests, relatives, friends who participated in the celebration.

This is a vunong:

Inside this vunong is normally turmeric rice, lunyis, uved, sometimes fish.  A complete meal already.  Often it’s given as a “take-away” food also.

In your first visit to Vunong restaurant, it is recommended that you sample this vunong to experience the Ivatan tradition.

This serves organic food native to Batanes only.  Even vegetables are sourced from their own garden right next to the restaurant.  If you are lucky, you might be able to taste organic strawberries from their farm when it is in season.

This restaurant does not accept walk-in because ingredients are allocated only for what is needed so that freshness is assured.  It is highly recommended that you reserve at least a day in advance.   See the contact details below to reserve.

You can reach Vunong Dinette by walking (within Basco) or have your tour guide bring you there.  All tour guides and drivers are familiar with the place.  You can also opt to call a tricycle to bring you there.

Vunong Dinette, Taytay Road, Brgy. Kayhuvukan, Taytay, Basco, Batanes

Phone: 0917 522 1258, 0999 991 9447

Owner of restaurant:  Jessica Viola Salamagos


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