Natural, Man Improved Rocky Fortress, Home of Early Ivatans

Idjang is a fortress and settlement of the early Ivatans

The Idjang is a settlement of early Ivatans, our forefathers, before the arrival of foreigners in the Philippines. These are located in elevated hills difficult to climb. They are purposely shaped by early Ivatans to have steep surroundings to make it difficult for invaders to attack and to make it easier for the settlers to defend it from the elevated position.

Idjangs were selected due to their location and then improved by the early Ivatans by making it steeper and adding rock formations on the sides to improve its defensibility.

These are the Idjangs in Batanes:

  • Idaud ji Sungahan in Basco
  • Mananyuy in Mahatao
  • Turun in Ivana
  • Itbud in Uyugan
  • Savidug in Sabtang
  • Sivug, Kulumba and Raungan in Itbayat

Source: The Cultural Dictionary of Batanes by Dr. Cesar Hidalgo