Novita House – Basco Batanes Homestay

Novita House

Entire House Accommodation in Basco Batanes

Novita House is your homestay accommodation while in Batanes.  It’s a great value for a medium-sized group up to 10 persons.

About Novita House

Novita House has one large room (rakuh in Ivatan) which doubles as a living room and sleeping area. We have an air-conditioned bedroom that can fit four persons.  The house has 3 beds, with each bed good enough to be shared by two.   For larger groups, we have extra pull-out mattresses if necessary.  The house can accommodate up to 10 persons.

We have a fully equipped kitchen and dining room with refrigerator, gas stove, rice cooker, drinking water purifier, and a complete set of utensils for cooking and dining.  You can use all these free of charge (consumables not included).  There are several stores within walking distance from the house where you can get fresh food.

The house has two bathrooms equipped with water-heaters.  Having two bathrooms helps when you have to leave for your tour early.

The entire house is approximately 100 square meters, spacious enough for a group of 10 or less.

Whether your trip to Batanes is with your family vacation or that fun-filled trip with your close friends, Novita House will be a private space for your group, the entire house exclusive for your use.


Novita House is located at the corner of Abad and Abuyo Streets, Basco Batanes.  It is about 350 meters from Basco Airport Terminal.


Prices start at: 2,500 per night


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