Batanes – Mávid a lugar

The purpose of this website:

  • First, if you want to visit Batanes, we help you find the right place to stay,  which places to see, where to eat, and other tips to help your visit a pleasant one.  You will see here all services provided by Ivatans big and small.  It may not be complete on our first day but we will continuously update it to ensure we have everybody listed.
  • Second, to help my fellow Ivatans in the tourism service sector have internet presence — all of them. Not just the few who can afford to put up their own websites or those who have budgets to sponsor mass media exposure.  MÁVIDaLugar will give exposure to both big and small travel service providers in Batanes so that our visitors have information to help them decide.  If you are an Ivatan and your service is not listed yet, please inform me (through the contact us page) so that I can add it.  Listing is free of charge.
  • The long term goal is to help Batanes, my hometown, be protected from the dangers of environmental abuse by helping spread awareness through this website on what we should be doing to keep Batanes stay pristine for the sake of the future generation.

Mavid is an Ivatan word that means beautiful, so mavid a lugar is a phrase that means beautiful place — this is Batanes.  Let’s keep it that way.

Dios mamahes (thank you),

Your Ivatan Guide

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